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Joe Boggon - CLIENT
You wouldn’t describe Joe Boggon as your archetypal Englishman, although he obviously is English as his gardening, home improvements and love of nature attest.

He speaks 4 languages and has spent 13 of the last 14 years in France and Italy, loves cooking foreign food and has a weird syntax in his mother tongue. This gives him his own way of speaking.

However there’s nothing funny about how he shoots beauty or fashion. There’s a constant commentary of encouragement, compliments, directions and “oh yeahs” which allow him to get the right connection and look from the models. Unusually for a photographer of this type, he also has the precision lighting and technique to go with this energy.

Joe Boggon grew up in the comfortable countryside of Somerset, southwest England. After graduating as a psychologist, and working as an English teacher in Italy and France, he dedicated himself to photography. He did this by buying his own flat in Paris, doing it up himself, and selling it for the twice the price in just over a year. Thus he was able to quit his job and start an unpaid internship in a photo studio to learn his technique working for magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Within a few years he was shooting for clients such as Marie Claire France, L’Oreal and Madame Figaro and exhibiting in the biggest fine art museum in Moscow, the Moscow State Museum of AS Pushkin.

He currently lives in London, but still works in Paris on a regular basis.

Adapted from Culturalite magazine, September 2013. Portrait by James Houston.

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